Friday, 5 August 2011

Finance Glossaory-5

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Warrants: Options generally have lives of upto one year. The majority of options traded on exchanges have maximum maturity of nine months. Longer dated options are called warrants and are generally traded over- the- counter.

American Depository Receipts (ADR): It is a dollar denominated negotiable instruments or certificate. It represents non-US companies publicly traded equity. It was devised into late 1920’s. To help American investors to invest in overseas securities and to assist non –US companies wishing to have their stock traded in the American markets. These are listed in American stock market or exchanges.

Global DepositoryReceipts (GDR): GDR’s are essentially those instruments which posseses the certain number of underline shares in the custodial domestic bank of the company i.e., GDR is a negotiable instrument in the form of depository receipt or certificate created by the overseas depository bank out side India and issued to non-resident investors against the issue of ordinary share or foreign currency convertible bonds of the issuing company. GDR’s are entitled to dividends and voting rights since the date of its issue.

Capital account and Current account: The capital account of international purchase or sale of assets. The assets include any form which wealth may be held. Money held as cash or in the form of bank deposits, shares, debentures, debt instruments, real estate, land, antiques, etc…
                                                 The current account records all income related flows. These flows could arise on account of trade in goods and services and transfer payment among countries. A net outflow after taking all entries in current account is a current account deficit. Govt. expenditure and tax revenues do not fall in the current account.
Dividend Yield: It gives the relationship between the current price of a stock and the dividend paid by its issuing company during the last 12 months. It is caliculated by aggregating past year’s dividend and dividing it by the current stock price.
 Historically, a higher dividend yield has been considered to be desirable among investors. A high dividend yield is considered to be evidence that a stock is under priced, where as a low dividend yield is considered evidence that a stock is over priced.
BridgeFinancing: It refers to loans taken by a company normally from commercial banks for a short period, pending disbursement of loans sanctioned by financial institutions. Generally, the rate of interest on bridge finance is higher as compared with term loans.

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